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G`day - Glory Fire

G`day - Glory Fire

We invite you to come together with us in our safe place. Our inclusivity transcends age, gender, nationalities and culture.

Burg floor
- Sebastien Bouchet // Kompakt Records
- Deepneue // TrashEra
- Joseph Diel // SUB Records

Glory box
- St.RoboT // LaRoboterie
- 2FARO // G day
- Mashyno // G day

Performance: STRANGER BEINGS by Catalin Jugravu

Fire: A chemical reaction, giving out bright light, heat and smoke.

The midwinter solstice is coming. A physical change is happening. The days are breaking down; but fire is enduring.

Let us react together, to create light, warmth and energy. Let the smoke of our fire submerge Burg Schnabel, creating uncensored, mystifying spaces for us to explore.

Listen to the chemicals within you. Recognise your ability to burn, to light, and to heat. Open your mind to creating light in darkness. By joining forces, we will grow and we will strengthen.

Text: Domi Walker, Andre Fau
Layout: Tinka From
Mask and Photo: Léonard Condemine
Artwork Photo: Cristofaro Salvato, Stephane Mashyno