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Change Your Gender - Role Reversal

Change Your Gender - Role Reversal

Men in nylons, women with strap-on, dykes in skirts, femmes with beards, bears in dessous, fags in uniform, travestie, [...]  everything is welcome tonight, everything but the regular. We want to exclude the heteronormative, binary gender, let‘s breake a little taboo and play. If this is all very new to you, we do not have a problem: slip over some nice stockings over your dick or try to hide your tits, put on a nice head and pass as gentle[wo]men. If you've already mastered to pass, please come and visit, enlighten us with you appearence!

Admission: 20,00 € per capita (incl. 10,00 € for drinks) , 25,00 € per couple (incl. 10,00 € for drinks)

Time: (Thursday) 20:00